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Cardiac Intelligence®
Harness the power of AI to help providers deliver the right care at the right time.
Our Mission
Ending undertreament of cardiovascular disease.

Every year, thousands of patients with high-risk cardiac conditions don't receive lifesaving interventions due to lack of patient follow-up, communication breakdown between providers, and other preventable issues. Cardiac Intelligence® uses state-of-the-art AI technology to continuously monitor your patients for cardiac disease and disease progression, so each patient receives the right care, at the right time.

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potential undertreatment assessed using Cardiac Intelligence® screening protocols across the cardiac service line1


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How it works
Our program integrates seamlessly and securely into hospital EHR systems to monitor your cardiac patients for potential referral to a specialty clinic.

Cardiac Intelligence® continuously analyses disparate patient data, including free-text clinician notes, labs, echocardiograms, and EKGs, to identify potentially at-risk patients who may benefit from additional follow-up or an intervention. Depending on customizable settings, the care team is automatically notified as patients are identified.

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Computer screen with graphs
Computer screen with graphs
Simple yet powerful
Actionable dashboards let you see your cardiac program like never before.
Our simple and customizable dashboards let you find and filter patients and discover insights into care pathway adherence - all with the touch of a button.

Filters include:

  • Follow-up by physician, department, or hospital
  • Patient geographic distribution
  • Disease progression and monitoring
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Quality Matters
Empowering physicians with the highest quality data for better decision making and processes.

Cardiac Intelligence® helps you identify discrepant data and track the sources of any inconsistencies. We also help identify opportunities for care pathway improvement by department or physician for better patient care.

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Blue hexagon with text: Having the ability to benchmark data quality and acquisition, and to track metrics in real time gives us great insight to develop process improvement plans for our hospital, echo labs and most importantly our patient's quality of care.

The Mpirik Difference

Discover Cardiac Intelligence®

Complete Cardiac Service Line

We offer the only AI solution that covers the full cardiac spectrum including aorta, structural heart, cardiomyopathies, and electrophysiology.

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Natural Language Processing

Our advanced NLP technology analyzes free text from clinical notes and other sources, along with other data, to identify at-risk patients with up to 98.6% accuracy.*

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Your Partners in Cardiac Excellence

From initial implementation to long-term insights, our team is by your side to ensure you exceed your organization's objectives.

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Case Study
Cardiac Intelligence® helped St. Francis Hospital serve their patients in urgent need of treatment while growing their Heart Valve Program.

St. Francis's heart care team knew that, like all hospitals, they had unidentified valvular heart disease patients in their system. To help identify patients in need of immediate care, they turned to the Mpirik Cardiac Intelligence® program. The Mpirik system continually sifted through patient records to identify potential candidates for heart valve therapies.

Over a 4-month period, the program helped St. Francis identify 72 undertreated patients, leading to a total of 17 heart valve interventions.

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Free Assessment of Your Cardiac Program

Let us show you how Cardiac Intelligence® can reduce undertreatment of cardiac disease while helping you grow your cardiac program.

Just enter the approximate number of echocardiograms your hospital performs annually, and we'll prepare a free custom report including:

  • Estimated number of potentially untreated patients in your program identifiable with Cardiac Intelligence
  • Procedure growth by cardiac service line using Cardiac Intelligence®
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1. Data on File with Mpirik, 2021