Cardiac IntelligenceTM

Artificial Intelligence to end the undertreatment of cardiovascular disease.

Automated patient screening to drive actionable knowledge, quality and research

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The Challenge

Certain cardiovascular diseases are wildly undertreated and treatments are accessible if the patient is referred properly.

The Solution

Cardiac IntelligenceTM automates diagnostic result screening that improves quality of care and patient outcomes.

What It Does

The cloud-based Cardiac IntelligenceTM platform automatically screens patient results from diagnostic tests and connects the patient to the appropriate next level of care.

What It Does

Core Benefits

Improving clinical access for cardiac patients

Automated Quality Initiative
Automated Quality Initiative

Matching expert-level interpretation of medical images

High Speed Reporting
High Speed Reporting

Super-fast analysis and reporting of cardiac diagnostic procedures

Increase Appropriate Referrals
Increase Appropriate Referrals

With the automated screening, referring physicians can understand potential cardiac issues in the blink of an eye

Research Opportunities
Research Opportunities

Participate in profound cardiovascular multi-center studies

Patients That Would Have Fallen Through the Cracks


The number of patients with conditions identified by Mpirik that would have otherwise been missed.

Mpirik's Cardiac IntelligenceTM ensures that every patient gets the right treatment at the right time. Cardiac IntelligenceTM has been very successful both clinically and economically by linking patients with aortic disease to the experts who treat them. We are now implementing it for mitral and tricuspid valve disease as we continue to deliver unmatched excellence in patient care.

Boulder Community Hospital's commitment to Cardiac IntelligenceTM ensures that every patient in BCH will have timely access to cutting edge, world class heart care.

- Dr. Daniel O’Hair

Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery at Boulder Community Hospital

Introducing Cardiac IntelligenceTM to Abrazo Health facilitated further understanding of our data and created opportunities to help patients. Cardiac IntelligenceTM supported our ACC heart failure accreditation and was able to identify missing measurements in our echo reports pertinent to screening for cardiovascular disease. Since then, we have improved data capture, co-developed screening protocols and assembled a robust operational plan for patient population management having Cardiac IntelligenceTM at its core.

We have been able to roll it out successfully at multiple hospitals in our system. As hospitals look to enhance their practice using technology, Cardiac IntelligenceTM has proven to be an outstanding tool to improve echocardiogram report quality and cardiovascular disease population management.

- Sarah Wilmowski

Nurse Navigator at Abrazo Arizona Heart

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  • American College of Cardiology
  • American Heart Association
  • Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics
  • Cardiovascular Research Foundation

The Right Care At the Right Time.