Specialty App Ortho[m]atrix Brings Patient Reported Outcome Data to Allscripts Users

Milwaukee, WI (March 07, 2017) – [m]pirik announced today that Allscripts has certified Ortho[m]atrix as part of the Allscripts Developer Program. Ortho[m]atrix, enables Allscripts users to maximize the value of orthopedic procedures by collecting and analyzing data from the patient’s continuum of care, specifically for ambulatory orthopedic surgery centers and private orthopedic groups using Allscripts.

Ortho[m]atrix easily collects patient reported outcome data as well as surgical variables around a surgical procedure. These data points are correlated to see what surgical variables influence the patient’s outcome. This data will ultimately identify the treatment plan that will have the greatest impact on the patient and maximize the value they receive. [m]pirik is developing data driven risk assessments and surgical protocols that will focus on the patient’s entire continuum of care, giving them the best possible outcome.

Ortho[m]atrix features:

  • Collects and analyzes data like patient reported outcomes and registry information
  • Succeed with MACRA and mandatory bundled payments like CJR
  • Full accessibility to collected data
  • Better engages patients for optimal care
  • “By removing the hurdle of a custom EHR integration, our partnership with Allscripts allows us to focus on implementing the product faster, so we can immediately start adding value to orthopedic groups,” said Joe Kohli MD, President and Founder of [m]pirik. “We want to focus on helping our clients collect the relevant data that will aide in both financial decisions and patient care.”

    The Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) enables third parties to build integrations quickly that enhance Allscripts products generating additional value for Allscripts customers. The Allscripts Open platform facilitates bi-directional application programming interfaces (APIs) that are transforming healthcare delivery, exchanging about 1 billion elements of data every year.

    Find more information about Ortho[m]atrix on the Allscripts Application Store. Health IT developers can create a free Allscripts Developer Portal account to access Allscripts FHIR and Intelligent APIs easily at https://developer.allscripts.com.

    About [m]pirik:

    [m]pirik is a healthcare technology company focusing on measuring and improving value in orthopedics. Operating on a single platform, [m]pirik gathers and analyzes orthopedic data, standardizes patient communication, and provides the tools necessary to improve patient outcomes while increasing physician efficiency.


    Jake Bartnicki 414-852-8694

    HHS releases the final rule for MACRA with a focus on data collection

    The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) repeals the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) methodology for updates to the Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) and replaces it with a new approach to payment called the Quality Payment Program that rewards the delivery of high-quality patient care through two avenues: Advanced Alternative Payment Models (Advanced APMs) and the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) for eligible clinicians or groups under the PFS.

    This final rule with comment period establishes incentives for participation in certain Alternative Payment Models (APMs) and includes the criteria for use by the Physician-Focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC) in making comments and recommendations on physician-focused payment models (PFPMs).

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    Simplifying orthopedics in a complex industry — Dr. Joe Kohli changes the game with [m]pirik

    [m]pirik's mission — to measure and improve value in orthopedics — is simple, and that's the point. Founder, CEO and orthopedic surgeon Joe Kohli, MD, coined the name with inspiration from the Empirical Formula, which is a compound's simplest formula.

    "We allow orthopedic surgeons to do what they do best — treat patients," says Dr. Kohli, who founded the Milwaukee-based company in October 2013. "We put [the data collecting] in the background."

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    How CJR & bundled payments will impact orthopedics: 6 surgeons weigh in

    Q: Are you for or against CJR? Why?

    Joe Kohli, MD, CEO and founder, [m]pirik technologies, Milwaukee: CJR encourages the orthopedic community to focus their efforts in improving our patients' outcomes while eliminating unnecessary costs. There is significant variability between many orthopedic surgeons regarding costs of a given joint replacement procedure. There are also significant cost differences between regions of the country. This program will allow the orthopedic community to identify those elements in the joint replacement pathway that are essential in providing the patient the greatest chance for an excellent outcome, while eliminating unnecessary interventions and reducing costs.

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    WBAY News - Green Bay: App updates loved ones during surgery

    Nurses now have the ability to send iPad and text message updates to friends and family, while their loved one is in surgery. Aurora Medical Center in Oshkosh is the first hospital in Northeast Wisconsin to use the technology.

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    [m]pirik is the AJRR Featured Technology Partner

    This month we're introducing a new section called "Technology Partner Profile." Each subsequent volume of The Register will feature a summary of a different technology vendor that is capable of submitting data to the AJRR.

    Company Name: [m]pirik

    Company Website: www.mpirik.com

    AJRR Vendor Since: November 2015

    General Description: [m]pirik is a healthcare technology company focusing on measuring and improving value in orthopaedics. Through their orthopedic care and data management platform, they aim to help care for and collect necessary data from the moment the patient walks in the door until the patient has reached his/her clear period. [m]pirik uses both patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and registry information to identify variables to help improve patient outcomes. They aim to gather a complete picture of a patient's journey to recovery by enabling healthcare professionals with intuitive data collection methods.

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    Tommy Thompson invests in Milwaukee health care tech company

    Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, who also served as U.S. Health and Human Services secretary under President George W. Bush, has invested in growing Milwaukee health care technology company [m]pirik.

    The company did not disclose the amount of the investment, but said it was substantial.

    [m]pirik, founded in 2010, focuses on creating technology to improve both patient experiences and quality of care in orthopedics. Among its products are Ortho[m]atrix, a tool aimed at simplifying data collection in orthopedic care, and Ori, a real-time procedure update tool for families to consult during a surgery.

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    CMS proposes major initiative for hip and knee replacements

    Hip and knee replacements are some of the most common surgeries that Medicare beneficiaries receive. In 2013, there were more than 400,000 inpatient primary procedures, costing more than $7 billion for hospitalization alone. While some incentives exist for hospitals to avoid post-surgery complications that can result in pain, readmissions to the hospital, or protracted rehabilitative care, the quality and cost of care for these hip and knee replacement surgeries still vary greatly among providers.

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    mpirik Expands Orthopedic Software Suite, Aided by $1.7M Investment

    It’s a dilemma that many tech startups face: How quickly should they expand beyond their first product? Adding new products and services might help grow sales, but young, small companies need to be careful that they don’t bite off more than they can chew.

    Milwaukee healthcare technology startup Mpirik wrestled with that question, and decided to waste no time in pushing ahead with multiple products at a relatively early stage.

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    mpirik adding staff, integrating products after $1.75M raise

    Todd Sobotka didn't sit down with Mpirik expecting to make an investment.

    Sobotka, who serves as portfolio manager for nonprofit Milwaukee venture capital group BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation Inc., thought he was there to offer advice. Instead, he became fascinated by the company itself, which designs health care technology from its offices in Milwaukee's 3rd Ward.

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    11 Startups Making Magic in Milwaukee

    Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin and home to a small but growing community of dedicated entrepreneurs. Brew City has plenty of room to grow and its tech ecosystem is still young, but that hasn’t stopped startups like the ones below from doing big things in the meantime.

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    Heath care technology company mpirik raises $1.75 million

    mpirik, a Milwaukee health care technology company founded by an orthopedic surgeon and led by Susan Ela, the former chief operating officer of Aurora Health Care, said it has raised $1.75 million from investors.


    Milwaukee health startup mpirik raises $1.75M

    Milwaukee health care technology company mpirik said Wednesday it has raised $1.75 million, money meant to further its health-tech offerings. mpirik president and CEO Sue Ela said she sees those investments as a "critical endorsement of our ideas and market potential. That latest total includes a $250,000 investment by Milwaukee-based nonprofit venture capital group Brightstar Wisconsin Foundation Inc.


    BrightStar foundation makes investments in 5 Wisconsin companies

    BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation Inc., a nonprofit that raises donations to make venture capital investments in state companies, said Wednesday that it has invested a total of $1 million in five state companies.


    Milwaukee vs. technology

    Medical technology startup Mpirik is humming along in Milwaukee's 3rd Ward, driven by an in-house development team of three.

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    Google's New Moonshot Project: the Human Body

    Google Inc. has embarked on what may be its most ambitious and difficult science project ever: a quest inside the human body.

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    News Technology Smartwatches Apple partnering with Swatch for iWatch - report

    Apple is working with Swiss watchmaker Swatch on a line of “iWatch” smartwatches, according to reports.

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    Seven startups join the New York Digital Health Accelerator

    The New York Digital Health Accelerator has revealed the seven companies that will participate in its second class, which is sponsored by the State of New York, nonprofit New York e-Health Collaborative (NYeC), and the Partnership Fund for New York City.

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    Juniper: More than 1 billion BYOD devices in 2018, more than half will have security software

    new report from Juniper Research predicts that by 2018, 35 percent of consumer owned tablets and smartphones will be used for business. The bring-your-own-device trend, which is particularly prevalent in healthcare, will lead to more than a billion employee-owned devices in the workplace.

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    Fitbit study: UK adults find mobile health tracking, not public messaging, effective

    Nearly half of adults in the UK who self-track with mobile devices say they’ve experienced “strong behavior change”, according to a survey by the Trajectory Group, sponsored by Fitbit.

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    Epocrates adds Cochrane Library content to app

    Watertown, Massachusetts-based athenahealth is adding the Cochrane Library to its Epocrates Rx application. Epocrates users will have access to editorials, evidence-based reviews and meta-analyses from the independent healthcare evidence group.

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    Patient engagement app to debut at 50 eye clinics

    New York City-based startup CheckedUp is launching its patient engagement software suite in 50 partner ophthalmology clinics. The company was founded in January 2012 by Dr. Richard Awdeh, Head of Executive Medicine at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute and CEO of health and biotech incubator Cirle.

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    Topol, Chopra team up to study physiological effects of meditation

    Dr. Eric Topol, one of the most well known figures in digital health and Dr. Deepak Chopra, one of the most prominent voices in alternative medicine, are teaming up to measure the effects of meditation with digital health devices. The study of 40 individuals was conducted by the Scripps Translational Science Institute with funding from the Chopra Foundation.

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    With Watson API launch, IBM turns to WellTok for patients, MD Buyline for docs

    It got famous on Jeopardy! and has been keeping its head down “going to med school” in hospitals like Memorial Sloan-Kettering. But now Watson, IBM’s “commercial cognitive computer system,” is stepping out into the wider world. IBM has opened Watson’s application programming interface (API) to developers and two businesses are already working on Watson-powered smartphone apps for healthcare, one for doctors and one for patients.

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